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Huka Copilot 3  Huka Copilot 3, Special Needs, Trike, Tricycle, Huka, Complot 3, VanRaam, On Sale
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    The main advantage of the tandem Copilot 3 compared to the other Copilot is the extra stability. This makes this version particularly suitable for passengers who are very agile while cycling or have a reduced sense of balance. Thanks to the third wheel, both riders can remain seated even when the tricycle is stationary. Getting on and off the bike is also easy, as the tandem is very stable. For extra space to get on and off, the front part can be folded down. On this tandem, only the attendant...

    Huka Bikes Childrens Bike AT-A
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      Huka Bikes has developed a specialized trike designed for children who could benefit from extra stability. The AT-A adapted children's trike allows your child to effortlessly enjoy a comfortable ride. It goes beyond the capabilities of a standard bike by featuring additional side wheels.Exploring the outdoors, commuting to school, and enjoying playtime with friends? It's a breeze! The AT-A is tailored for children up to approximately 5 years old, while its size-up counterpart, the AT-B, caters...

      Orthros in Park
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        Orthros, a Tricycle built for two Cycling is very fun and can be extra enjoyable with a friend at the same time. Do you enjoy cycling trips with a companion, but are afraid you might lose control and fall off your two wheel bike bike? Then the Orthros could be just the thing for you. This two person trike makes it possible to be mobile and have fun cycling, whatever your limitations. With the Orthros, both the passenger and the companion sit side by side. The main advantage is that the...

        Huka Bikes Childrens Bike AT-B
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          Huka Bikes has crafted a uniquely tailored children's bicycle, specifically designed for youngsters in need of added stability. The AT-B adapted children's bicycle empowers your child to effortlessly enjoy a delightful ride. This specially engineered tricycle surpasses the capabilities of a standard bike, featuring additional side wheels, making it ideal for children aged approximately 5 years and older. Having fun outdoors, biking to school, and playing with friends? It's a breeze! You can...

          Huka Cortes Electric recumbent Trike
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            Huka Bikes Diaz Special Needs Trike
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              The Diaz with Dutch Design takes you where you want to go and is suitable for both children and adults. The Diaz comes standard with a mid-motor that provides an efficient natural drive. Thanks to the sophisticated construction and independent hydraulic suspension you cycle very comfortably and safely. The wheelchair bike Diaz comes with a height-adjustable back and a depth-adjustable full foam seat. This can be replaced by a comfort seat with an active, passive or flat back for an even more...