Catrike Recumbent Trikes Made in the USA and are ultra light aluminum.

Catrike trikes are made in the USA and are a premium quality adult tricycle. Catrike trikes are made of aluminum and are some of the lightest and best riding trikes on the market.

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Catrike Bosch Motor Kit Catrike, Bosch, Motor Kit, Trike, Tricycle, Recumbent
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    The Catrike eKIT includes everything your dealer needs to turn your Catrike into a Bosch-powered eCAT! The eKIT combined with your Catrike delivers maximum efficiency, comfort and riding enjoyment. The efficient and versatile Active Line Plus (Class 1) electric-assist provides dynamic performance – guaranteeing an authentic riding sensation with minimal pedaling resistance. It delivers active and sporty acceleration even at low cadences, offering powerful assistance as soon as you step on the...