•  Part # 211226
  •  Model : WHEELS MANUFACTURING T47 Internal 30mm Bottom Bracket
  •  Supplier Part # T47-BB-30MM-AC
  •  BB SET WOB T47 TO 30mm CRANK
  • Price: $141.95
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      Item #: 211226
    •  T47 threaded BB cups for T47 frames and 30mm diameter spindle cranks
    •  Cups have internal bearings, and can be used in BB shells with widths from 68mm to 132mm
    •  Machined aluminum cups thread together directly into a T47 BB shell
    •  Bearings are easily serviced or replaced
    •  Includes sleeve to fit between cups for added protection from dirt and grime, and also keeps your internal wires and hoses from rubbing on the crank spindle
    •  T47 BB cups are similar to standard BSA threaded cups in that the drive side cup is left-hand thread and the non-drive side cup is right-hand thread
    •  68/73mm
    •  T47
    •  30mm
    •  Alloy
    •  97g