True Bicycle Nice Low Step Recreational Bicycle
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True Nice Bike

Item #: TRU NB12111
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    About This Item

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    The Nice Bike is the easiest bicycle to get on and off on the market today. The bicycle is simply lighter, stronger, and of higher quality construction that any bicycle made of similar design. Not only is the Nice Bike perfect for shorter riders it is ideal for people between 4’-8’’ and 6’-0’’. The low step through frame makes this bicycle ideal for senior citizens, mobility challenged people, and people who have balance issues. The Nice Bike is loved by everyone from kids to grandparents. Only 29 Lbs.

  • Minimum saddle to pedal distance 26 1/2''
  • Maximum saddle to pedal distance 32 1/2'' **
    Maximum weight capacity 285 lbs
  • Seat post length 300mm x 28.6mm
  • Top tube length 23 1/2" Center to Center
  • Step over height 9 1/2''
  • Overall length 71''
  • Overall width 25 7/8"
  • Overall Height 43 1/2"
  • Saddle size 11'' wide 10 3/4'' long
  • Wheel size 26x1.75''
  • Tires 26x1.75
  • Handlebar size 24'' wide 3'' high
  • Chain 1/2'' x 1/8''
  • Chain ring 42 tooth
  • Rear Sprocket 18 Tooth
  • Crank length 165mm
  • Pedals 1/2''
  • Weight 32.5 Lbs.
  • Box size 54'' x 31'' x 7''
  • Shipping weight 39.5 Lbs
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