Fold and Go Deluxe

Assembly instructions for Fold and Go Deluxe Tricycle

1 Remove tricycle from box

2 Remove all packaging and inspect for damage

3 Install Left Rear Wheel

A) Place axle spacer on axle

B) Slide wheel onto axle

C) Place two axle washers on axle next to wheel

D) Install axle nut

4 Install right rear wheel

A) Place hub space in hub

B) Place right wheel on axle with splined section on hub against splined section on axle.

C) Place two axle washers on axle next to wheel

D) Install axle nut

Insert front wheel into fork

Assemble as follows
A) Insert smooth round washer next to motor on each side of motor
B) Insert washer with tooth next to round washer with tooth.( Both washers are on inside of fork)

C) Insert wheel into fork, note motor wire is on right side.

D) Tighten axle nut against fork

Plug motor wires together

A) Plug the two wire ends together, be sure to line up the two arrows and not damage the pins.

5 Atach front fender brace

6 Insert handlebar stem into fork and tighten lever on top of stem

A) Note: Handlebar stem is marked with a minimum insertion mark

7 Insert seat post into frame

A) Note seat pole is marked with a minimum insertion into frame mark

8 Install rear basket

A) Put basket bolts thought basket and frame and tighten nut on bottom of bolt

9 Hook up front brake

A) Slide brake wire throught slot in brake arm

B) Noodle should fit into steel piece on brake arm

C) Place rubber boot over end of noodle

10 Power Switch

11 Battery

A) Slide battertyinto battery receptical

B) Lock battery in place using key

C) Turn key to on position to use motor

12 Check air pressure in tires

A) Air pressure is marked in side wall of tire

13 Inspect for safety before riding

A) Brakes make sure they stop properly

B) Handlebar stem and handlebar make sure they are tight

C) Seat and seat post make sure it is tight

D) Nuts on all three wheels are tight

E) Check pedals to make sure they are tight

Trouble shooting

Front brake is not stopping properly

A) Cable is too loose, use adjuster - thread outward

B) If cable is still too loose adjust at cable anchor bolt by pulling wire through cable anchor bolt further

C) Check to see if cable moves thought housing freely

D) Check to see if brake handle does not bind

Three speed does not shift properly

A) Adjust cable at adjuster barrel while in third gear- their should only be a little slack in the cable

B) After adjuatment check to see that you can shift to third gear without forcing the shifter

C) If cable is difficult to shift loosen cable slightly at adjuster barrel

Head Set (To loose or to tight)

A) Loosen top nut, tighten or loosen cone by hand, retighten top nut with wrench

Rear wheel do not spin well

A) Nut on out side of wheel is to tight and binding bearing, loosen outside nut slightly