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ROCKYMOUNTS Carlito U-lock
Price: $39.95
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     At just 395 grams (.87 of a pound), with a 14mm alloy shackle, the Carlito offers mid-range security & more burly strength in looks alone You can easily carry the Carlito in your pocket or messenger bag The body is overmolded with soft touch silicon to protect your steed Three dimple keys included, straightforward, compact, extremely lightweight u-lock with stout appearance 14mm 2.87x5`/7.28x12.7cm Mini Black 4 of 10 35050 ...

    ROCKYMOUNTS Compton U-lock
    Price: $99.95
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    Item #: 390067 -

       The 18mm stainless steel shackle is the largest and toughest available on market The shackle is CNC machined, from non-corrosive 304 stainless steel, which even in much smaller sections is very difficult to cut This design is ideal for expensive bikes that get locked up in the city for hours at a time RockyMounts supplies three keys 18mm 3.5x5.1`/8.89x12.95cm Mini Silver 10 of 10 35120 ...

      ROCKYMOUNTS Maddox U-lock
      Price: $24.95
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      Item #: 390072 -

         Designed to be a medium-to-high security U-Lock that you can actually afford The shackle and locking stock are coated to protect your bike The seat post mount includes a push button to let you know the lock is secure and won`t go flying off mid-ride like Mario Kart for your fellow riders 4.5x7.5`/11.43x19.05cm STD Black 5 of 10 Included 35010

        ROCKYMOUNTS Pivot U-lock
        Price: $34.95
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        Item #: 390070 -

           One piece lock that has a pivoting base that stays attached to the shackle even when unlocked Rubberized silicone layer on the base provides additional grip and protects frames from damage 3 keys are included 3.5x5.125`/8.89x32.89cm Mini Black 6 of 10 35020

          ROCKYMOUNTS Shackleton U-lock
          Price: $34.95
          Availability: In Stock
          Item #: 390071 -

             The Shackleton is a 12mm steel shackle U-Lock that features an integrated, programmable 4-digit code Rated as a mid-range option on the security scale, the Shackleton shackle opening measures 96mm x 167mm, making it ideal for use with a secondary cable lock, or quick, short-term lock-ups when a rack is handy The shackle and locking stock are coated to protect your bike, and a spring-loaded push button system make release and engagement fluid and simple Large combination...

            ROCKYMOUNTS Warrant U-lock
            Price: $49.95
            Availability: In Stock
            Item #: 390068 -

               With more of a square-shaped `U` in the 14mm hardened steel shackle, the Warrant provides more usable space The dimple key and cylinder design is simple and easy to use, and contributes to the overall security rating Three keys provided allow you store one in your sock drawer for safe keeping RockyMounts covers the shackle and lock stock with molded silicon, which offers great grip in wet or dry conditions The Warrant was also designed for potential pocket use, with a...