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  •  Model : PROLOGO Dimension NDR Nack CPC
  •  Supplier Part # DIENNA3ABC8-AM
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    •  Dimension NDR features the same overall shape as the standard dimension saddles with 3mm of extra padding and side protectors to avoid scratches and abrasions when the going get a little too tough
    •  Dimension saddles feature a redesigned overall shape, with shorter nose made to be more comfortable for both men and women riders by spreading pressure areas more evenly - especially in an aero position
    •  The increased 143mm width, helps to distribute the weight of the athletes on a larger surface, ensuring greater comfort for long rides
    •  Nack models feature a Nano Carbon composite rail paired with reinforced seat clamp area for the perfect fusion of performance and reliability
    •  PAS - features a channel in the seat to alleviate pressure and numbness in the pelvic region by promoting healthy perineal blood flow
    •  CPC Models feature material on top of the saddle that provides higher grip, better airflow and vibration absorption
    •  Carbon injection monocoque base
    •  Enduro/MTB
    •  Nack-Carbon
    •  NDR
    •  Microfiber
    •  Grey/Black
    •  245mmx143mm
    •  169g
    •  PAS/CPC
    •  Carbon Injection
    •  Unisex