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MAXIMA RACING OIL Matte Finish Cleaner
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     Fast-acting, all-purpose cleaner designed to remove mud, dirt and debris from matte finishes Adds no gloss or shine Removes dirt, dust, road grime, fingerprints and more 100% biodegradable Contains no VOCs, harmful acids, CFC�s or solvents Non-flammable 16 oz Spray Bottle

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       SC1 High Gloss Polish is specifically formulated to protect and beautify multiple surfaces such as plastic, vinyl and carbon fiber Can be applied to the surface and left untouched or allowed to setup and buffed to a dry sheen leaving a long-lasting luster without attracting dirt and road debris Excellent for use on plastic fenders and components Restores factory shine and color 12 oz Spray Bottle

      MAXIMA RACING OIL SC1 Clear Coat
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         SC1 High gloss coating is specifically formulated to coat plastic, fiberglass, carbon fiber, metal and painted surfaces Makes the clean up process easier � excellent for use under fenders and wheel wells to prevent mud and dirt from adhering to plastic Excellent for using on fork stanchions and shocks, provides ultra low friction coating and improves suspension performance Leaves a dry, long lasting luster Always remove wheels or cover brake pads and disc rotors...