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     Specifically designed for E-bikes through increased rigidity and durability Easy handling under high torque strength from motor driven drivetrains High strength solid pin design to resist the stress from higher torque Nickle plated outer plate with black inner plates 11sp 1/2x3/32 120L Silver/Black 274g 5.6mm

    FULL SPEED AHEAD K-Force Light 11s
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       Quiet and efficient performance Superior durability Nickel plated 11sp 1/2x3/32 114L Silver 245g 5.5mm

      FULL SPEED AHEAD K-Force MTB Light
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         Specially designed for MTB with the optimal balance of performance and durability Design based on K-Force Light cutting edge road bike chain with the introduction of the FSA 6 ABS design Accurate, quiet and precise shifting performance Chrome plated out plate finish with nickle plated inner plate finish 11sp 1/2x3/32 116L Silver 246g 5.6mm