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LIZARD SKINS Fork Boot Stanchion Protector
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     Stanchion protector that fits forks up to 180mm in travel Heavy duty stitching allows the one size fits all products to be trimmed according to the amount of travel Fits Fork Stanchion size 32-36 mm Blk

    LIZARD SKINS Rear Suspension Protector
    Price: $8.99
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       Fits most air and coil rear shocks No disassembly required  Cut to fit Black

      MILES WIDE Fork Cork
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         Turns your head tube into a secret stash spot Creates a watertight seal: Helps prevent premature headset bearing wear and keeps your steerer spotless Carry emergency supplies: Space blanket, Poncho, Keys, Cash, Multi-Tool, or a Theft Tracking Device Steerer Plug Black

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