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Friction Drive Motor Kit Front 20 Amp

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At last an Electric Bicycle motor kit that is affordable and dependable. Our Electric Bike Power Kits come with instructions for EASY assembly. Our Electric Bike Power Kit is made right here in the U.S.A. Our Electric Bike Power Kit will provide speed of up to 10 MPH for the tricycle.

Our Electric Bike Power Kit manufacture is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of electric bike and trike motor kits.  Our Electric Bike Power Kits are hand made in the United States. More than 10 years in the electric bike and trike market, with thousands of kits sold and never a motor failure. A record that our motor manufacture is very proud of and no other company can match.

We believe bolt on Electric Bike Power Kits are best, rather than a bike designed to be specifically made for electric assist.  Our universal Electric Bike Power Kits will give many years of service, sometimes out lasting the tricycle that they have been installed on.  Our universal Electric Bike Power Kits can be easy switched from one trike to another in as little as thirty minutes.

With gas prices that keep going up it is not just money you save but the healthy exercise you get going to work, the grocery store, the beach or just visiting your neighbors and it is also a great way to go green and save energy.

Universal Trike / Bike Kit:
The kits come with motor, 12 Volt 18 amp sealed lead acid battery, electronics, battery bag, fully automatic charger, & all hardware.

High efficiency, ceramic, and permanent magnet direct current motor. High output.

Solid state electro-mechanical system. Spring loaded safety on/off trigger switch shuts off motor when released. Safety Feature: Rider must pedal to engage the motor.

Electronic Board:
State of the art electronics "the brain" . All connections plug into the electronic board. It has a built in surge suppresser that monitors & protects the system from over heating. This is an Electric Bike Factory Exclusive.

Sealed lead acid battery 12 volt available in 18 amp.

Pedal assisted speed up to 10 mph for trikes (250 pound rider). If you pedal more, you can go farther. No Drivers License is required in the United States.

Distance & Range:
Total distance & range is dependent on terrain and rider input through pedaling, & rider weight. The 18-amp battery is good for a distance of approximately 10-12 miles on the trike.

Motor Installation for Front Wheel Models

Important: Motor must be mounted on right side of bike. Locate the hole at top of the fork of the bicycle or the tricycle. Simply mount bracket over the hole, align the drive wheel of the motor to be parallel with the tire so that it makes contact with the tire but is not pushing down hard against it. Depending on the bike, some slight bending up or down on the bracket may be needed to achieve proper contact. Tighten the single screw from the rear of the fork through the hole to the bracket securely. Attach bungee cord to the fork with tie straps. Don’t pull bungee too tight. It only needs about 2 lb of pressure so the drive wheel does not slip. Bikes or trikes that have front fenders, the fender must be removed or cut just in front of where the bracket is mounted. Installation is complete.
In bikes with hand brakes, the front brake assembly uses this hole. Remove the bolt holding the brake assembly & slide the assembly forward. Place the mounting bracket in front of the fork, but behind the brake assembly. Making sure the drive wheel & tire are properly aligned (as described above). Insert & tighten the bracket & brake assembly using the new longer bolt supplied with the motor unit Installation is complete.
Electronic Connections
Battery connection is the last wiring connection you make

1. Switch Connect the end of the switch wire to the board where it says SW- and SW+. There is no positive or negative so it makes no difference which ends you connect to the board. This completes the switch circuit.

2. Motor Connect black wire into MOT- on the board and the red wire into MOT+ on the board. This completes the motor circuit.

3. Charger wires must be connected to the battery terminals. Do not use the charger connections on the electronic board. The red and black trailer plug-in connector remains outside the bag for quick recharge.

4. Battery wires are pre-connected to the board. Just connect “O” ring to battery terminals, red (+) positive & black (-) negative wire to matching battery post. This completes battery connection. If you have to go into the battery bag. The first thing you must do is disconnect the black battery wire before you do anything. This makes the board inactive. Then you will be able to do what you have to without shorting out the board, reconnect black wire when done.

5. Use very little tension on the motor bungee cords. It needs only 2 lb. pressure so the wheel will not slip.

6. PLEASE NOTE: The bicycle must be pedaled before the switch will start the motor. This is a safety feature.

7. Always wear a helmet and observe traffic laws & safe bike riding procedures.

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